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What is double glazing?

Double glazing is made up of two panes of glass separated by a cavity (small gap in-between). The cavity is filled with a layer of air or gas, which acts as a natural insulator. This element helps the window keep the home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Double glazing can typically be found in any good home improvement product such as windows, doors and conservatories. Triple glazing is also another option that is made up the same principle just with three panes of glass and two cavities.

Does double glazing make a difference?

Good quality double glazing will also allow less draughts throughout the home meaning that less energy is wasted. Research done by the Energy Saving Trust has estimated that installing double glazed windows could save a household as much as £115 a year on energy bills. Double glazing also a great way of insulating your home from outside noise.

Have a look at our handy guide to give you some ideas about how to add further value to your home.

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A guide to double glazing

As mentioned above, there are numerous benefits for installing double glazing in your home, from noise reduction to saving money on energy bills.

Some of the main signs that your double glazing may need replacing include draughts, cracks or chips and condensation.

Double glazing can easily represent a genuinely effective investment. In addition to the energy savings, it will even represent a further plus point for any prospective buyers.

Purchasing double glazing is not a straightforward process, but there are a number of things you can do to make the experience a smooth one. This includes having a clear idea of what you want, visiting showrooms to get an initial feel, asking questions and checking guarantees, terms and conditions.

Click below to read our extensive guide on double glazing.

Ultimate double glazing guide

Why should I go with Budget Windows?

The Budget Windows range of double glazed products has many options for almost any budget and to suit any style home. We pride ourselves on our great range of secure and energy efficient products. Our windows, doors and glazed extension are expertly designed and installed to be weatherproof, also built with durability in mind. They’re fitted with unique security mechanisms to keep you and your family safe all the while saving you money on your energy bills.

We are a BRFC authorized retailer meaning our products are energy rated by a verified body giving you further peace of mind when making this kind of investment in your home. Our friendly local team are also on hand to answer any home improvement questions you have to help with achieving the dream finish to your home whether it’s a beautiful orangery or new energy efficient windows.

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